How To Apply For VISA Online~ Application Guidelines

How To Apply For VISA Online~ Application Guidelines:

As A Indian Passport Holder who wants to travel the any foreign nationals and for entering into other countries, applicant must apply for the Visa by reading the all information & terms conditions according to rules regulations of their country. Visa can be applied & submitted at any centres in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad or Ahmedabad etc.

How To Apply For VISA

how to apply for visa

Before Applying for Visa, always remember that each country has its own set of immigration and non-immigration rules for their visa according to their visa category. The Visa can be applied Online and On Paper through Visa Application Centre (VAC) located in India. For Some reasons personal interview also conducted by the counsel officer in the Embassy or Consulates. Like visa application process maintained differently for each countries like visa process fees or cost also varies differently according to their norms.

Before Applying on Any Country Visa there’re some procedure. you should check it carefully like

(1) First Decide Your Types of Visa Category for which you’re applying e.g. (Tourist/Business)

(2) Check Eligibility, Visa Requirements According to your Visa

(3) Application Step by Step Procedure (How It Work to Apply Visa)

(4) Visa Costs or Fees

(5) Visa Document Requirements

(6) Fingerprint or Biometric Rules

(7) Embassy or Consulates Security Manners

(8) Interview Guidelines

Purpose of Visit to Another Country

Before Applying any Visa for any country, always keep in mind the purpose of visit should be clear as you’re going for visit, or business or medical reason or any. So There are some specific reasons of representation regarding visa category for your purpose of visit e.g.

  • Tourist Visits
  • Visits to Meet Family or Friends
  • Cultural Participation or Sports Manifestations
  • Business Trips
  • Short Traineeships
  • For Employment
  • For Study as a Student
  • Transit through the Schengen area

Types of Visa Category

Type of VisaType of Entry
Tourist VisaSingle /Multiple Entry
Transit VisaSingle Entry
Business VisaSingle /Multiple Entry
Employment VisaSingle /Multiple Entry
Student Visa

Transit Visa- This is for going through the country to a destination outside that country

Visitor visa- for short visits to the host country

Tourist visa – for a limited time as a traveller, (no business activities allowed)

Medical Visa: for treatment in the host country’s hospitals

Business Visa – for Business in host country

Residence visa – for people obtaining long-term residence in the host country

Immigrant visa – for those intending to immigrate to the issuing country

On-arrival visa (also known as Visa On Arrival, VOA), granted as a airport of entry

How To Apply For Visa : Full Application Process

Step (1) : Before Applying, Please Read all information like applicable fee, documents required, form process etc regarding to Visa category according to their purpose of visit.

Step (2) : Choose Your Visa Category

Step (3) : Complete online visa application form by attaching recent photographs and required travel documents and note: incomplete form will only delay the process of your visa.

Step (4) : Complete online visa application form by attaching recent photographs and required travel documents and note: incomplete form will only delay the process of your visa.

Step (5) : Pay the Visa processing fees

Step (6) : Last Submit the Visa Form & Take Print Out of Filled Visa Application or in some cases filled application sent on your registered e-mail Id.

Step (7) : Final Submit the Filled Visa Application with Visa Fees receipt, all common & necessary additional documents, photographs, passport etc at the Embassy or Consulates or VFS Global Visa Application Centres.

Step (8) : For Some Countries like USA VISA, applicant have to book an appointment at VFS Visa Application Centres or some have must schedule for an interview with visa processing fees receipt & form reference number.

Step (9) : After Final submission applicant can track visa status.

Step (10) : Embassy or Consulate of particular country will inform about your visa status approved or no approved status through e-mail & mobile number filed in the visa form.

Step (11) : After Visa Approval Collect passport, notification and other documents from the Visa Application Centre (VAC) or avail the option of courier delivery by online way.

Visa For Different Countries

  • Hong Kong Visa
  • Cambodia Visa
  • Austria Visa
  • Vietnam Visa
  • Hungary Visa
  • Finland Visa
  • Slovenia Visa
  • Sweden Visa
  • Estonia Visa
  • Latvia Visa
  • Luxembourg Visa
  • Portugal Visa
  • Malta Visa
  • Slovakia Visa
  • Iceland Visa
  • France Visa
  • Germany Visa
  • Canada Work Visa
  • Belgium Visa
  • Maldives Visa
  • Spain Visa
  • Greece Visa
  • Norway Visa
  • Netherlands Visa
  • Switzerland Visa
  • Italy Visa
  • Bali Visa

Documents Required For Visa

These are common documents which you must attach with your with visa application form, these are as follows ;

Original & Valid Passport with Minimum 6 Months Validity

Two Recent Passport Size Photographs

Cover Letter for Visa Application by Mentioning these details ;

  • About Purpose of Visit
  • Details about Traveller
  • Travel Schedule
  • Date of Travelling
  • Duration of Stay
  • Documents Checklist

Pan Card Details

Last Three Year Income Tax Returns (ITR)

Photocopy of Last 6 Months Bank Statement signed & attested by the Bank Officials

Full Travel Itinerary (e.g. Departing, Accommodation, Arrival )

Proof of Return / Onward Flight Tickets (How to Book Dummy Air Ticket)

Proof of Accommodation (e.g. Hotel / Hostel / Apartment)

Evidence of Health Insurance

Proof of Character Certificate Issued by the Police Department

Some of the different additional documents which should be attached according to your designation like Employee, Job Owner (Employer) and Student etc.

Six Months Salary Slip signed by the Company

Original Leave Letter signed by Company

Certificate of Company Registration (if you’re business person)

Cover Letter on company’s letter head

Visiting Card (if have any)

Original NOC Letter signed by School / College (For Students)

Student ID Card

Invitation Letter (if any)

Marriage Certificate (if any)

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