How to Plan ICELAND Trip? My 7N/8D Trip in Just 86,000 (Everything)

How to Plan ICELAND Trip? My 7N/8D Trip in Just 86,000 (Everything):

Iceland Travel !!! This is Amazing Travel Destination in the World, but before travelling, everybody should take a fair amount of valid planning tips. So Friends Videshi Traveller is curious to share the best travel tips of 8 Days & 7 Nights (7N/8D) Experience, helping to traveller with efficient and in a normal way with things to do for Iceland trip.

How to Plan ICELAND Trip ?

iceland trip plan

So People which are planning to Iceland Trip, there are some questions regarding to this trip like

i) how to plan Iceland trip ?

ii) how to travel Iceland in fair budget ?

iii) reviews about Iceland trip activities

iv) where should go & stay in Iceland ?

v) what should do make trip worthy & Enjoyful in Iceland during travel ?

v) preparation before Iceland trip with tips & solution ?

Once you read and watch these travel tips, every people will be sure about every queries regarding like planning, budget, where to go, how to enjoy etc. Iceland is very expensive. when people normally travel they spent lots of money average 2-3 lakhs but my motive was how to travel Iceland cheaply by spending and saving money in Iceland. so please read the full discovered journey of 8 Days & 7 Nights in Iceland with tips & experiences to full-fill your dreams in your way.

There are some at least one following recommendations with advice & tips you should follow while planning to Iceland trip as exciting journey:

Flight Tickets for Iceland Trip

if You are planning to visit Iceland, so should book the flight ticket before 3-4 months (advanced booking) with good deals. as my experience the price of flight ticket for Iceland always most of time vary between 38K to 45K. Before Booking ticket always keep in mind to book refundable ticket.

iceland trip flight tickets

Iceland VISA Application Form

Iceland is a part of member Schengen cooperation, so the price of Schengen Visa is 6572 INR and it should be apply from Embassy of Denmark (Issued By). Everybody can apply Iceland Visa by themselves or through Agent (there is no guarantee of visa approval through agent).

If People still need help regarding to Schengen Visa Tips and Iceland Visa Tips, so please follow our website with detailed information.

Accommodation (Stay) In Iceland

There are some hacks which you can follow your stay according to your budgets or for saving money in Iceland as follows:

icealand Accommodation

I) Couchsurfing: Couchsurfing is best way to stay or spending time in Iceland. So First Question ‘How to Do Couchsurfing in Iceland ? ‘, the answer is i shared already experience of my Couchsurfing with a beautiful story. So Visit My Youtube Channel to Experience this amazing journey.

if You get stay through Couchsurfing, so please keep in mind to take gifts for your host from India in chivalrous way.

II) Book Hostel / Hotel: Second Way, Book Hostel/Hotel with Cheap deals from

Hostel Cost: 25-30 € (2 to 2.5K) in Reykjavik

Note: if You are travelling along the Ring Road (Þjóðvegur 1), there you always found Guest House. So If You Are staying as Group Members you have to pay 30-50 € Per Person.

III) Book Apartment: Third Way, If You Are Travelling in Group so book the apartment with cheap deals from as a comfort stay.

Iceland Trip Car Renting Or Bus

iceland car renting or bus travelling

There are some aspects regarding to both as follows;

I) Car Renting: If You Are Travelling as Group of Members, you can hire car as enjoy the Iceland Journey. First Question in Mind, How To Do Car Rent ? & Budget of Car Renting? Before Car Renting You Should Have Following Documents:

  • Indian Driving Licence (1 Year Old & With English Print)
  • Valid Passport
  • Credit Card (For Security Reasons)

You can hire car From Reykjavík Airport, Icealnd & second important thing always keep in mind to mention or register the name of person which are driving the car bcz of Insurance Paper as as security purpose.

Third Most Budget of Car Renting is like 115 € to 150€ but as my experiences: Car Renting Budget: 105 € (For 4 Days)

I) Travel By Bus: If You Are Travelling as single Person, Bus is More Convenient and comfortable medium for your journey & You want to visit Reykjavík City then Take Bus from Flybus on Airport.

(Bus Cost: 25€ =2000K) (Till Reykjavík City Terminal) +1K (For Direct Exact Destination of Hostel/Hotel).

Food & Drink During Iceland Trip

As We All know Iceland is much expensive Country in the World, I would like to suggest to carry some food from India like snacks, sprouts beans, tea, coffee, ginger, soup Maggie, laddu etc.

iceland trip food and drink

Alcohol prices are very high and much in Iceland, the first thing you should to buy your alcohol in duty free store. In Iceland Consuming Alcohol outside is allowed, everybody can enjoy the trip if weather is good and charming.

For the Experience of Reykjavík City, take city tour bus which is affordable & easy. on the other hand hire bicycle or by foot to discover and enjoy the nature of Iceland.

Winter Clothes During Iceland Trip

As Iceland’s Environment ever changing & unpredictable, so everybody should be prepared for winter clothing to dress in layers before planning to Iceland travel tips.(According to My Experiences)

  • Waterproof Gloves : 2 Pieces
  • Socks: 3 Pieces
  • Neck Warmer / Neck Muffler
  • Jacket Light (-10°C to -15°C) (Waterproof) : Price = (8K to 10K)
  • Tracking Shoes = Price (5K to 6K)
  • Rain Coat= Price (800 to 1000 INR)
  • Winter Caps
  • Inner Wear
  • Waterproof Trousers

Money or Currency During Iceland Trip

First Question Comes In Mind while travelling to Iceland is How Much Money Need in Iceland Journey ? & how To Carry Money in Iceland ?.

Money or Currency During Iceland Trip

So Friends You can carry Cash & Forex Card. There are some tips:

i) carry local currency of Iceland (króna ISK)

ii) One/Multi Currency Card

From Where : Thomas Cook

Documents Requirements for Local Currency (ISK) or Forex Card:

  • Passport
  • VISA

Other Things Keep in Mind During Iceland Trip

There are some useful things which are very useful and mandatory during the Iceland Travel Journey as follows: i) International Charger ii) Power Bank iii) Cold Creams iv) Lip Bam v) Sim Card and other accessories apps for travel like Google Maps,, etc.

ICELAND Trip (7N/8D) Expense Chart:
  • Finnair Roundtrip flight – 44679/ INR
  • Schengen Visa price – 6572 INR
  • Car – (Fuel & Renting): 
329.04€ / 4 = 82.26€ = 6884 INR
  • Airport to Reykjavik, Hostel (Fly Bus) – 35.22 ‎€  = 2950.39 INR
  • Hostel Hlemmur – 23.94 ‎€ (1N)  = 2003.72
  • Ring Road GuestHouse (2N Stay) – 210 ‎€  / 4 = 52.5 ‎€  = 4394 INR
  • Golden Circle Bus Tour – 8000ISK = 4,867.11 INR
  • Blue Lagoon – 10,800 ISK = 6570.60 INR
  • Blue Lagoon Bus Transfer — 4000 ISK = 2,433.55 INR
  • Reykjavik Bus terminal to Airport – 2950 ISK – 1794.75 INR
  • Snacks & eating stuff taken from India – 1500/ INR
  • Milk, Fruits & etc. – 2465.53 ISK = 1350 INR

—————————————————————————————-Total – 86,000 INR (Including Everything)

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