When people returned from taking their dogs to the groomer, they had to look twice

We can all relate to the anxiety of getting a radical haircut. Huge risk situations call for high rewards. But what if the stylist makes a huge mistake? What if they mistakenly think you want a mullet and give one to you?

What if the fashionable haircut you requested turns out to be a bowl cut? Even worse than the fear of getting your hair cut is the terrible sensation you get when you leave the salon knowing your hairstyle is doomed for the next several months.

When a haircut starts to go wrong, we humans have the opportunity to speak up, but our pets are not as fortunate.

We drop them off at the groomer and hope that when they come back, they will still be as adorable as when we left them. Bringing in pictures of the haircut you want is an excellent strategy to avoid having a bad one.

However, in the case of animals, it might be beneficial to present examples of the opposite. To make you chuckle, we’ve gathered images of some of the worst haircuts ever given to pets (and maybe to be cautionary tales as well).

You may read our exclusive interview with Los Angeles’ most well-known celebrity dog groomer, Jess Rona, below.

(1) “I Shaved Him Off”

(2) This is Henry, the dog of my cousin, who had a mohawk haircut from the groomer. For two days, we have been laughing.

(3) Thank You, I Detest It

(4) All of This Cat’s Hair Is Shaved, Save for Its Face.

(5) I requested the “Can I Speak To Your Manager Haircut”. I Nearly Defeated Myself


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