Kitten Travels with Her Six Brothers and Sisters, Is the Only Orange Tabby

For a chance for a better life, seven kittens were taken to Mini Cat Town, a pet sanctuary in San Jose, California. Merritt, a rescue volunteer, immediately took them in so that all seven of them could be bottle-fed and given round-the-clock care.

One of the kittens stuck out among the sea of white fur right away. In her litter, only Bashful was an orange tabby; the rest were either white or seal-point.

They were given to Laura Malone, a director of Mini Cat Town, to continue their foster journey after Merritt had to travel for business.

“Bashful is incredibly laid back, self-sufficient, and not at all demanding. She just is amiable, playful, and independent “Laura disclosed.

The kittens were prospering and gaining weight because they had a cosy place to live, nourishing food, and excellent care. As they learned how to use the litter boxes, scale cat trees, and gain attention when they wanted it, their personalities began to take shape.


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