The person gave her a chance & the kitten develops into a sweet little hugger

Friends for Life Rescue Network founder Jacqueline DeAmor received a call regarding a tiny kitten with a cleft nose that required urgent care.

She volunteered to assist right away and travelled four and a half hours to pick up the cat. The tiny ball of fur, named Bonsai, was born with a normal palate but a cleft palate, nose, and mouth. She was more fragile than a palm and little for her age.

Jacqueline was committed to assisting her in thriving despite any obstacles. We will also be checking for additional congenital problems in cleft nose newborns because they frequently have them.

With 24-hour care, Bonsai was stable for the first few days. Then, all of a sudden, she started to worsen and needed to be admitted to intensive care.

“We think she accidentally aspirated after accidentally burping up formula while she slept. She developed pneumonia “Jacqueline gave Love Meow a portion.


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