Cat Approaches Family of Her Choice and Requests help with Kittens Born

A stray cat was observed spending some time in a Southern California neighbourhood. She made a snack stop in a family’s yard and continued returning. The homeowners kept feeding her and doing what they could to assist her.

The cat approached the homeowners one weekend last month, appearing to have just given birth. Jen Marder, a volunteer foster parent for Wrenn Rescues, told Love Meow that the woman approached the folks asking for assistance soon after giving birth to her children.

Two of her new-born kittens were in poor condition when they were found by them in their yard. “The lovely individuals ran and grabbed a heating pad to help, and got the mom and the infants cleaned up.”

Jen didn’t think twice to take the cat family home after seeing their social media request for assistance. Jen told Love Meow, “I got them the next day, when the babies were one day old.

“The kittens were just small peanuts when they initially came. Mama appeared nice, charming, and purring right away. She is such a sweet doll.”


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