How to Apply For H4 Visa (Wife/Children) ? Documents Checklist Fees

How to Apply For H4 Visa (Wife/Children) ? Documents Checklist Fees:

H-4 Visa is Dependents type visa category for the Principle Holder of Valid H Visa, This type of visa only for H Visa holder’s spouses and/or unmarried children (under age <21). Through This Visa Category spouse or children are not allowed to work in United States but If your spouse wants to do work then H-4 visa holder must apply for H-4 EAD Visa through this Immigration Department which allow to work in US.

H4 VISA (Wife/Children)

Apply For H4 Visa

If an married applicant is applying for H1 Visa simultaneously applicant’s wife or spouse can apply for H4 Visa Along with H1 Visa applicant. Immigration Department of USA allows the H4 Visa holders some basic aspects like:

(1) Eligible for Driving License in US

(2) Can Open Bank Account in U.S.A

(3) Eligible for an ITIN (Tax Id)

(4) Work in US (Note: For This H4 Visa Holder Must apply for H4 EAD VISA Type)

The Validity of H4 Visa depends on the Validity of your spouse H1 Visa Holder validity according to norms.

How to Apply H4 Visa

Applicant must follow these procedural steps to apply H4 Visa Online which are as follows:

Step-(1) : The Nonimmigrant visa Applicants, before applying determine the correct visa types according to there qualifications, application items & purpose of your visit in US. So Choose the H4 Visa Types online.

Step-(2) : In Next Step H4 Visa applicants must fill online the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) Form by following the guidelines, terms & conditions carefully. After submitting the DS-160 form, applicants cannot amend in the form, so carefully step by step fill the all correct & accurate details.

Step-(3) : Once you finally submitted the DS-160 form, applicant must pay the visa processing fees through credit card, net-banking or other methods.

Visa Fees:

Fee Amount (in USD)Fee Amount (in INR)Visa TypeDescription
$19013680.00HTemporary/Seasonal Workers & Employment, Trainees

After paying the visa fee, applicant must keep the receipt number carefully which is mandatory during booking your visa appointment.

Step-(4) : In Next Step Book Your Visa Appointment (1) one for Visa Application Center appointment for fingerprints and photo taken & (2) second for Visa Interview Process @ the Embassy or Consulate. During this booking appointment applicant must need the visa fees receipt number.

How to Book H4 Visa Appointment

Here is the process for H4 visa appointment process and applicant must need 3 types of information during this process which are as follows:

(i) Passport Number (ii) DS-160 Application Confirmation Number (iii) H4 Visa Fee Receipt Number

Using these Above information fill the application with step by step process here:

(1) First You’ll need to Login To your profile Here : Login Here

(2) Now on Dashboard, Click on Schedule Appointment on the Left Side

(3) Select Visa Type H4

(4) Enter Personal Data & Add Dependents

(5) Choose Document Delivery Location or Place

(6) Verify Your VISA Payment through your receipt number

(7) Last Schedule Your Appointment.

Visa Application Centre (VAC) appointment Documents Required

  • A Valid Passport with Minimum validity at least 6 months
  • DS-160 confirmation page
  • VAC Appointment Confirmation Page with Valid Number
  • One Photograph of Applicant for Under 14 Years of age

H4 Visa Documents Required for Interview

Here is the complete list of documents required while preparing for the H4 Visa Interview. so please process these documents in place:

(1) Valid & Legal Passport as Indian Citizen & Old Passport (if any)

(2) Completed & Filled Non-Immigrant DS-160 Visa Application Form stamped through Visa Application Center (VAC) from where you applied.

Note: Each Applicants have to apply for separate DS-160 Form.

H-4 Visa Interview Questions : Check Here

(3) US Visa Fees Processing Receipt

(4) 2” X 2” White Background Visa One Photograph

(5) US Visa Interview Appointment Confirmation Letter with VISA Interview Appointment Confirmation Page.

(6) Original Birth Certificate of Applicant’s Child (Compulsory for Below <14 Age child).

(7) Valid & Original Marriage Certificate

(8) Wedding Photo Album

(9) Marriage Invitation Card From Both Side of Families

(10) Scanned Copy all pages of H1B Visa’s Passport Holder

(11) Employment Verification Letter for H1B Visa Holder which verify the Employment status in U.S as working person.

(12) Scanned Copy of H1B Visa Holder’s Approved Petition I797 with Form I-129 & LCA.

(13) H1 Visa Holder current Pay Receipt & Income tax return where in US already Working

According to Rules & Regulations, Children Under 14 Years of Age are not required to attend the VAC Appointment or Visa Interview process, their parents can carry the above documents.

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