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How & Where to apply Schengen VISA?

How & Where to apply for Schengen VISA? (Republic of India) :-

This is my ambition as Traveller For Visiting the “Germany” to make my dream come true. So I Applied for the “Multiple-Entry Schengen VISA” of Germany which is not nearly as difficult as people think of make it to be. This Article will help you understand all the ‘Schengen VISA Requirements’ and can get your visa in the shortest time possibility.


The “Schengen Visa” Application Process is made in Details, but IF You Prepare the Right Documents with a bit of Patience and Proper Detailed Process. Here are My Tips to help as “How to apply for Schengen Visa” or “How to re-apply for same Schengen Visa” to Experience my most important trip as First-Time Travelers Visiting Europe.

What is “Schengen Visa” ?

“Schengen Visa” is a Special Kind of Documents Which is Issued By the ‘Schengen Countries Authority’ For Visiting or Traveling to Schengen Area of 26 Countries known as Single Country for a maximum period of upto 90 days.

“Schengen Visa” Countries:

Schengen Visa is valid for these 26 Countries Which is Austria, Belgium, Czech, Republic Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Steps for VISA Application: (To Apply)

Ø Collect Documents Needed For VISA Application

Ø Take the Appointment from VFS Global

Ø Take Online Appointment From website of  VFS Global or Call to +91-2267866013

Ø Go to VISA Application Centre & Submit Your Application.
(you can apply between this 15 to 90 days before travel dates)

Documents needed For Schengen Visa Requirements as Application Form (PDF)

  • Completely filled Schengen VISA form (Online/Offline)
  • Complete copy of your PASSPORT (First & Last page)
  • AADHAR CARD or any other address proof.
  • Recent Photograph with plain White Background Photo Size 35mm by 45mm
  • TRAVEL TICKETS (how to make dummy flight booking – yatra {hold ticket})
  • Hotel Booking (accommodation) with duration of days (can do from www.booking.com)
  • Personal Bank Statement of last 3 months.
  • If you are employed then need a leave declaration from your employer.
    (name, passport number, salary, experience in this company & how many days leave)
  • Proof of health insurance of 30K euro.
  • Appointment Letter Printout, you received on email from VFS global.
  • VISA Covering Letter
  • If you visiting multiple countries then you have to take permission from the country on which you land first.

Process of VFS Visa Centre:

STEP-1: Go VISA Centre (VFS Global) & take the token for form submission.

STEP-2: VISA Application Centre Will Take your Documents Copy, Original passport & VISA Fees (carry all original documents).

STEP-3: They will take your Fingerprint. they will ask you whether you want to collect Personally or by Courier as well as do you want to get alert on Mobile.

STEP-4: Then You will get VISA Alerts on Mobile. once you get Confirmation for Passport collection then go & collect. keep in mind they will ask you Xerox & Original Copy of your ID Proof.

FINAL STEP: After That, They Will Give You Envelope Open IT & Check Your VISA.

You can  download pdf of the whole process of Schengen visa

Best Wishes For Your Schengen Visa Application!
If you have any query Regarding Schengen VISA Help, Ask Your Questions in Comment Box Below.

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