When a kitten is discovered in the cold at school, it is so relieved to be warm

A kitten in need of immediate assistance was brought to Ginny’s attention earlier this week. Ginny is a foster parent and a TNR (trap-neuter-return) rescuer.

Ginny told Love Meow, “Some employees at the local campus cafeteria were dumping trash and discovered a kitty that was limping.” Later, when he was still and hidden in the rubbish, they approached me.

The kitten was merely skin and bones and frigid to the touch when Ginny first got him. His side hardly rose at all as he lay in the cat carrier with his eyes barely open.

Ginny set to work right once to try to bring his temperature back to normal. According to Ginny, who spoke to Love Meow, “I covered him in warm blankets and sat with him in my lap with a heating disc and a heater nearby, and simply talked with him.”

She was unsure if the kitten would make it through the night because of his fragile condition. I reasoned that even if he didn’t survive, at least he would have experienced warmth and love.


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