Watch how adorably this cat acts as a toddler’s “bodyguard” in this trending video

Cats have a reputation for being distant over the years, but in actuality, they may be just as protective of their human friends as dogs. A video that has been published online is a prime illustration of this. It demonstrates how a charming “bodyguard” cat safeguards a little child. You might want to keep watching the video that has attracted millions of views.

A user with the Facebook account @Steve Knight CBS 21 News posted the now-viral video. The video that was posted the description “Meet the bodyguard 🐱.” In the footage, a cat can be seen knocking a little child’s hand off the balcony rail as he attempts to climb over it.

A young youngster can be seen standing in the balcony in the footage. He is attempting to climb up onto the balcony while placing both of his hands on the railing. The cat sitting next to him stops him from climbing the railing with his feet when he notices him doing so. If the child does not take the hand off, she herself will climb the railing, take the hands off her feet, and begin to walk on it. She appears to be guarding the child like a bodyguard from her perspective.

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