US Visa New Rules 2019 Share 5 Year Social Media Details Facebook Twitter Instagram

US Visa New Rules 2019 Share 5 Year Social Media Details Facebook Twitter Instagram:

In the light of Rise or Spurt of Monster in Terrorism spiralling in the United States, the *United States Department of the State (The United States Department of State, Commonly Referred to as the State Department, is a Federal Executive Department that is Equivalent to the Foreign Ministry of Other Countries, advising the United States President on Foreign Policy and conducting International Relations), which has Noticed the Social Media “Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit” as Indispensable Instrumental to add to Swarming of Well-Ramified Terrorism in the United States as well as in the country like India Which has been seen Victim of Fanatic Terrorism, has made it Binding on the Overseas Visitors to this Country to furnish Imperative Input (Information) Over and above Already Existing Evident Procedural Documentary forming Part and Parcel of the United States Department of the State.

US VISA Share 5 Year Social Media Details

The President of the United States of America (PUSA) Donald Trump, in the Interest of the National Security, has at long last to initiate as the US Visa New Rules Compliance on Issuance of the United States Travel Visa (USTV) for the Persons willing to Visit the this Country. The Citizens hailing from any Country across the Globe on the Earth Planet.


In accordance to the United States of America President Donald Trump Announced US VISA New Rules for Issuing the Foreign Nationals Visa, the Travelers / Visitors shall have to Add in the Personal Information Summary / Personal Details Questionnaire of the Visa Format Individual Information. The US Visa Applicants from across the World shall have to Furnish Authentic Social Media Details for Operating / Using **Personal Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Among Others.


The US Department of State shall conduct Detailed (Thorough and Exhaustive) Scrutiny of the Applicant’s Visa Forms Acknowledged from the Foreign Nationals with an eye to establish Veracity of the Applicant Travellers and Visitors as the US VISA New Rules. Only Such First Time Applicants in whose cases, In toto Information shall be Observed Intact and Factual and Compatible or Consistent to Factual shall be taken into consideration As Deemed to be Eligible to be Granted Permission by the United States Department of State, Following the United States of America Police Clearance and Recommendation.

That Already Staying in the United States of America, Post Detailed and Thoroughgoing Scrutiny of the Personal Information Furnished by Such Persons are Likely to Imparted Official Permission to Continue Their Respective according to the Prevailing and Effective Rules and Regulations Enunciated by the United States Department of State. Those Individuals Staying in the United States, having furnished the Information, Following Thoroughgoing and Comprehensive Scrutiny, that was observed by the US Department of State to be Contrary to the Existing Information shall be considered Hostile to the National Interests in Security of the United States, Implying Rigorous Measures in Punitive Penalty and Punitive Justice for such Deemed to Grave Menace to the United States of America National Interests in Security and Integrity.

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