This Cute Chubby Cat Loves Sleeping So Much That He’s Dubbed “The Sleepy Influencer”

Meet Fat Xiang, also known as Fat “Lucky Guy,” a red tabby kitten that has recently gained notoriety for maintaining a state of near-constant sleep in the endearing and absurd ways that only cats can.

When Fat Xiang was a stray cat in 2016, his current owner, Jessie, a dentist from Taiwan, saved and adopted him.

He had been battling with some other stray dogs when he was discovered hurt on the streets.

His owner Jessie said in an interview with Bored Panda: “I adopted Xiang in 2016.

He was a stray cat who was well-liked by all the nearby residents. Sadly, he would frequently sustain injuries from other stray cats that engaged in combat with him, and as he was small and weak, he could not protect himself. Thus, I adopted

The munchkin appears to be able to sleep wherever and whenever. Even though he sleeps the entire day away, he is always exhausted.

As a result, Jessie took him to the vet, where he was identified as having FIV, the cat equivalent of HIV.

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