Third cat abandoned at door in a month prompts response from shelter

Three times in less than a month, Florida’s Orange County Animals Service (OCAS) discovered animals abandoned at their doors, left in a box.

This time, a cat was left in a box tied inside a pillowcase and eventually given the name Conroy. The kitten was later “unceremoniously thrown” in severe weather at the door.

The shelter works to halt the horrible practise of discarding cats. It seems like people make excuses far too frequently.

It only takes a minute to bring animals inside during operating hours rather than abandoning them.

Even if people are overly busy, there are still simple alternatives.

They do point out that anyone can pick up a phone, though. No one should be held liable for the actions of those who intentionally dumped an animal knowing it would suffer, be terrified, and possibly die.

They go on to describe other cruel deeds they have encountered, which is heartbreaking for anyone to hear about.


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