Top Things to Do in Jodhpur with Best Places to Visit

Top Things to Do in Jodhpur with Best Places to Visit:

Jodhpur is the Second Largest City of Rajasthan and it is known as the Blue City for its gorgeous blue color painted on the wall of houses with Rich Heritage. If You’re planning to travel the Jodhpur, there are lots of things to do in Jodhpur during your trip by visiting the most visited places like Mehrangarh Fort, Clock Tower, Umaid Bhavan Palace etc.

Things to do in Jodhpur

Top Things to Do in Jodhpur

The buildings in Jodhpur usually colored with blue paints. Particularly Brahmins there used to color this as a sign of highest caste in India. Now if you are planning to visit the place you are going to get a diverse experience here.  Below are the details of things to do in Jodhpur.  


Without visiting the old city, your trip would be incomplete. This place will be choose by many people to stay here also. The Budget friendly hotels, makes everyone to stay here, from hotels you can able to see the fort views. The clock tower in the old city is the heart of the city.

You will love the market here which is next to the clock tower. This market is named as Sardar Market. This market gives you the feel of village traditional bazar. All spices, saris, handicrafts and many fabrics are available in this bazar.


Next to the Fort, by the aim of restoring the natural ecology the Rao Jodha Desrt Rock Park was established. This park was developed in the year 2006. Due to the negligence the area and the rocks were filled with thorny shrubs. As it is the place where many travelers visit, development department started taking care of it.

RAO JODHA DESERT ROCK PARK things to do in jodhpur with videshitraveller

This park was spread over across two hundred acres. A complete rehabilitated land was taken to build this park. You will love to walk around this park.


In the Honor of Maharaja Jaswant Singh II, this empty commemorative tomb was built. This was built in the year of 1899. Inside the fort all the portraits of Rathore rulers were places. You will enjoy the views of the city and the fort as it is a very peaceful place to relax yourself. Many tourists enjoy the sightseeing here at the fort.

JASWANT THADA things to do in jodhpur with videshitraveller


Mehrangarh fort at this city is said to be the  famous and largest fort in India. This fort looks as it raises above the city. The fort has its museum inside it and all the royal memorabilia will be displayed in the Fort. Along with this, all the fifteen thousand personal collection items from Maharaja Gaj Singh II is also available here.

The cultural programs like music, singing and dancing on folk art will run inside the fort. This gives the special attraction of the place.


People who love the adventures will love this place. You cannot miss this unique experience of zip lining. This zip lining will be through Mehrangarh Fort. This takes ninety minutes to complete one round and there are total six zip lines. At a time group of twelve people will be departed. On the north side of the Mehrangarh Fort this adventure will be there.  Along with this

flying fox at jodhpur with videshitraveller


Next to the north of the clock tower there is a newly restores but ancient step wall. This is the Urban Regeneration Project. This is called as Toorji ka Jhalra. Many shops, cool cafes and a very good home décor store, a gem palace – where you will get famous gems of Jaipur.

Toorji ka Jhalra step wall with videshitraveller

This place is good for sight-seeing and even for shopping and for foodies also. There is famous hotel here called RAAS Hotel, from where you can enjoy the view of the Step Wall happily. Foodies will love the hotel as they serve you the Indian Cuisine and Continental food here. Along with the food alcohol will also be served by the hotel.


As you will see the crowd near the clock tower area only, you will also be able to see the crowd at blue city. These streets of blue city’s is called as the Navchokiya. There are many other places to see here such as Jewel Palace Haveli, Rani Mahal, Jaswant Bhawan Homestay and Singh’s Haveli.

STREETS OF BLUE CITY Navchokiya things to do in jodhpur with videshitraveller


In the east of Toorji Ka Jhalra at step wall just ten kilometers away this Gulab sagar is located. This is the jodhpur’s traditional water management system which was built in 18th Century. The visitors love this place as it gives you a many interesting things for photography.

GULAB SAGAR lake things to do in jodhpur videshitraveller

As in the background you will be able to see the Mehrangarh fort and many other temples. Kunjbehari Temple which was of Lord Krishna and Mahila Bagh ka Jhalra are also included in the temples.


Umaid bhavan Palace is said to be as one of the grand places to be built in India. This palace was finished in 1944.Some member fo Royal family of Jodhpur still at this place. It costs much for a person to stay here as per the hotel it may cost $600 per head to stay a night at the hotel.

UMAID BHAVAN PALACE things to do jodhpur with videshitraveller

But if you still anxious to enjoy the glimpse, you can have a dinner inside the hotel. Inside the hotel all the old pictures if Maharaja and his family along with their vehicles are displayed.


Before Jodhpur was founded, Mandore was said to be the capital of the Marwar regions. Now this Mandore is the neglected state.  This place is famous for its Mandore Gardens, Museum, Cenotaphs and many temples. This will be a beautiful picnic spot for the travelers’. 

mandore things to do in jodhpur with videshitraveller

You can see the things here from the history of Bygone area. Monkey lovers will enjoy the place as you will see plenty of monkeys here. As  obviously wherever you see monkeys you have to be somewhat careful with your food as they try to snatch it.


 If you love to collect the handicrafts of Jaipur  along with the clothes which are in both western and Indian styles, then this is the perfect place. Sambhali trust teaches to make this style of products to women here. These all products and clothes will be made by the unprivileged women. Sambhali trust also provides charming little guesthouse for the bag packers. This will also be helpful for the in who are searching for the cheap accommodations.


Here there is one spice hub which was run by a very kind hearted couple. You will love the masala tea of their spices. They also take an opportunity to conduct Indian cooking classes for the interested ones. This attracts the foreigners much. This will be a good experience in the place. If you a much time with you we suggest you to make an appointment to be here. Advance booking will help you to not wait much as it will save your time.


To the sweet lovers who loves not only Indian sweets but also some Indian sweet snacks, then you have to visit Janta Sweet Home here. You will have a very best memory of Jodhpur here. A main and famous and prestigious dish here in Jodhpur is  Mawa kachori.

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