The Shelter Hosts the Cutest Surprise Party For An Unadoptable Senior Dog

Meet Loco, a spunky senior dog who recently celebrated a significant birthday. Birthdays are usually celebrated quietly at the animal shelter, but for Loco, staff at the Spartanburg Humane Society knew they had to do something special.

According to Angel Cox, chief operating officer of Spartanburg Humane Society, “she was wearing a birthday hat and frilly collar, and the entire staff gathered and sung to her.” “She had a sweet potato cake, which she adored!” “The cake company brought her a Happy Birthday banner for her office door.”

There were lots of Loco’s favourite people on the guest list, but no dogs were allowed.

“She is particular about her folks,” Cox explained. “She genuinely loves you when she loves you.” People she dislikes, on the other hand, she despises. And she is not fond of other dogs.”

Despite the absence of dogs, everyone loved celebrating the fiery little nugget they’ve all come to know and love for more than two years.

Loco has now proven herself to be a true fighter. She is heartworm negative, gets regular vaccinations, and takes thyroid medication to stay healthy.

Despite being a little older than many of the shelter’s residents, she is in fantastic health. She’s not looking for a new home with her new job title of “office dog,” but that doesn’t mean she’s enjoying the traditional shelter life.

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