The “Nice And Naughty Cat of the Week” at this shelter is popular with the public

Being avid fans of Pot Roast’s Mom on TikTok, everyone at Heaven on Earth’s Perry’s Place Adoption Center in North Hollywood, California, wanted to carry on the pattern with their own cats when she began posting good and terrible pets of the week with her own.

On a board in their adoption centre, they began publishing the “Naughty and Nice Cats of the Week” each week. The development manager of Heaven on Earth, Toni Barrett, takes pictures of the board and shares them on social media, where they have gone viral.

Each cat that is featured is picked for a specific purpose, and they can be anything from adorable to downright comical. Elijah and Popsicle were among the most well-liked elements.

Elijah was chosen as the friendly cat of the week because he began interacting with the employees and requesting belly rubs at last. Popsicle was chosen as the week’s misbehaving cat because he stole cookies from Daniel, his blind housemate.


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