The Cat Who Spends A Year Hanging Around A Hospital And Gets Hired As A Security

A cat who had spent a year loitering around a hospital was eventually employed to serve as the building’s guard cat.

Elwood, the cat, is now an amiable and devoted employee at the hospital.

Here is the interview with Chantel Trollip, Elwood’s coworker, on Elwood and the important work he did at the hospital. Scroll down now!

Red and white tabby cat Elwood. He has frequently been observed loitering at the Epworth Hospital’s main entrance in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia.

Elwood has been visiting Epworth Hospital to relax for almost a year at this point, according to Chantel Trollip, a pathologist here.

Elwood frequently spends his days “securing” the front, seeing if anyone needs any pets or attention, or basking in the sunshine in the adjacent bushes.

doing what cats do best, you know. And it has been doing this for a year.

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