The cat is overjoyed to be reunited with the kittens in a cosy home

An abandoned cat with three newborn kittens in need of care was reported to Los Angeles’ Alley Cat Rescue late last month.

“She was discovered in a box left outside an apartment building. At first, Mama was a little alarmed and alternated between the infants, “Love Meow received this from Alley Cat Rescue.

The cat found the outside to be too intimidating. She leapt from the box and abandoned her kittens there unattended.

The mother was supposed to return, but volunteers were unable to spot her. They placed a humane trap with food inside, caught the kittens inside, and carried them over to a bottle feeder.

The intention was to place the whole family in foster care so that the mother could grow her kittens in a secure setting.

The cat was successfully captured the next night and brought to be reunited with her triplets by the rescuers. She rushed to her kittens as soon as she heard their cries and bathed them all, from head to tail.

Alley Cat Rescue informed Love Meow that the mother cat “loves rolling around next to the babies” and is a fantastic mother.


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