Rescuer Discovers Her “Soul Cat” After Discovering Ollie, a Blind Kitten, in a Bear Den

In 2018, rescuers rescued Ollie and his two siblings from a bear den on a wildlife refuge. The mother cat had been expected to return, but regrettably she never did.

Then Jen Koscheka, a worker at the sanctuary, started dating him immediately away. She now views Ollie as her “spirit kitty.”

Ollie and his siblings were two weeks newborn at the time and required constant bottle feeding. Unfortunately, his eyes never fully matured, thus he was born blind.

Later, a vet discovered that the left eye had microphthalmia, a congenital condition. He also had adherent leukoma and anterior segment dysgenesis in his right eye. The eye appears to be a “galaxy” of colors, as you can see.

This cat is a great spokesperson for adopting cats with special needs because she exudes charm and charisma. It can be a truly rewarding and life-altering experience, and these cats return every kindness with such boundless love.

Luckily, Jen and Justin made the decision to adopt Ollie right away. Better yet, they made the decision to foster his siblings as well.


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