Pomeranian abandoned by owners because it was “too big” is now a popular figure on Instagram

Without a doubt, dogs are our best friends. But not everyone provides these great companions with the level of attention they require. Some people in our world have a reputation for treating these animals brutally.

The same thing happens to this Pomeranian dog. The little dog’s breeder gave up on him when he was five months old because she thought he was “too huge to sell.”

Thank heavens, he was adopted as a pet by a New York City artist called Kathy Grayson after she spotted him on Petfinder.

According to Kathy, Bert’s eyes were the first thing that pulled her in.

It was an amazing experience; I flew to Tulsa and then went to the town to pick him up. According to Grayson, who spoke to Bored Panda, “the shelter was sorry to see him depart” since “he had definitely received some particular additional attention there.” The homeless shelter lamented his departure.

Bert currently has a following of more than 93,000 followers on Instagram. It suggests that because of the outstanding attributes he possesses, not only does his owner adore him, but so do others.

It’s interesting to note that Bert also works part-time as a “art expert” at The Hole, the gallery his owner runs.

When asked about Bert’s incredible social media success, Kathy offered the following explanation:

“Bert is a nice kid and makes people happy, the internet and social media were intended for adorable animals, and people need an antidote to all of the bad things that are going on in the world.”


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