Oliver the “Container Cat” Enjoys Living in and Using Containers

On TikTok, Oliver, the orange cat from Nashville, Tennessee, acquired the moniker “Container Cat” due to his peculiar practise of lugging about plastic containers of all kinds.

These appear to be the cat’s “emotional support containers,” as one observer described it.

He sometimes lays down after bringing them to a comfortable location and cradles the container like a “wonderful, lovely treasure.” Oliver will play with them for a long time. Oliver’s adopted brother, the black cat Coco, seems unimpressed in his obsession with containers.

Oliver is named after the animated movie Oliver & Company, which is about a lost orange kitty, as you might have guessed.

Images and TikToks/robinapril22

She thought Oliver was skinny, flea-ridden, and “lowkey looked like Steve Buscemi” at the time. The kitten’s outlook was poor following a visit to the doctor.

When Oliver was close to passing away around Christmas, according to April, she clung to him to keep him warm and allow him to feel her heartbeat.



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