Mom Tells Heartbreaking “Love Story” After Taking Home Cat Bruiser from the Animal Shelter

Working for International Animal Rescue, Laurence Holyoak posts the most endearing TikToks of her adoptive cat Bruiser.

She blogs about her international travel experiences with her children and dogs at Journey & Jaunts.

Holyoak uploaded a TikTok of Bruiser, adding that the feline was her lifelong best friend. You can tell right away how much they like cuddling.

Holyoak revealed the “love tale” of Bruiser on a TikTok in January.

He had unfortunately spent years in the shelter, as is often the case for senior cats, especially those who need special care.

The grey cat immediately moved toward her, as if he already knew she would save him.

According to the legend, the veterinarians estimated that Bruiser only had a few months to live. He shocked everyone, though.



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