Miranda Lambert and her husband save a small stray kitten off a highway

American country music performer, songwriter, and animal advocate Miranda Lambert. She currently has eight dogs, a few cats, bunnies, chickens, and horses in her care.

She enjoys both singing and music-making, as well as helping animals. She is not, however, acting in her endeavour to save and aid animals alone. Her husband Brendan McLoughlin had picked up her passion for protecting animals.

Miranda and her husband Brendan came upon a stray kitten in need of assistance during a recent trip to Texas. On her Instagram page, Miranda posted the rescue story, and it soon gained popularity.

Texas two-lane roadway with a 70 mph limit. Brendan reduces his speed and does a U-turn. B: “Why are you turning around?” I said. B told me on Instagram that she saw a kitten in the road and knew you would kill her if she didn’t stop.

Well, I guess the rescue ways are rubbing off on him, she wrote with pride.

Tequila was given a new name by the folks that saved the cat from the freeway. They made the choice to take Tequila home with them rather than leave him at a nearby shelter.

Despite being able to retain him, the pair disclosed that they had found him a forever home in Texas with Miranda’s parents. As the kitty grew to appreciate her parents, she made the decision to stay with them.


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