Lonely Cat Now Looks Absolutely Regal After Being Unable to Even Walk

NEW YORK A woman was travelling one night in Hampton Bays, New York, when she luckily discovered an odd animal in the middle of the road. The moment she pulled over and stepped outside to assist, she saw it was a cat that didn’t appear at all like a cat.

According to The Dodo, Scarlett, as she was later called, had enormous clumps of fur hanging off her body that made them appear as though tiny baby kittens were clinging to her.

The cat was brought to Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation because it was in dire need of a medical evaluation (SAFS).

Her condition completely shocked the medical staff. The Dodo quoted SASF’s Advo-Cat programme director Linda Goldsmith as saying the following:

She had a lot of extra hair. In my seven years working at the shelter, it was the most matted cat I had ever seen. She was barely able to walk or move at all.

The 15-year-old cat was obviously neglected for a considerable amount of time. She was starving, very dehydrated, and covered in fleas and parasites. Nobody knew how long she had been living alone.

Under all that matted fur, a gorgeous, velvety cat emerged after a vigorous grooming session!

SASF is incredibly appreciative to the “good samaritan” who saved the cat, according to Kate McEntee, director of public relations and marketing at SASF. She is reportedly recovering amazingly quickly and will soon be prepared for adoption.

Scarlett will be searching for a calm, loving home where she may spend the remainder of her years receiving adoration and dozing off on plush pillows.


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