Kittens support one another as they wag their tails toward a chance at a better life

Caroline Grace, the founder of Baby Kitten Rescue (in Los Angeles), learned of a pair of tiny tabbies that urgently needed assistance approximately a month ago.

A young feral cat was taken into an emergency veterinary clinic with a severe illness and a pregnant belly. She had a litter of four babies, but only two survived. The cat was unable to care for her kittens because of her ill health and requirement for medical attention.

Caroline told Love Meow, “The vet determined that the mother would not be able to nurse in her state.” The kittens were brought home and placed in an incubator after we picked them up from the veterinary clinic that evening.

Chandler and Monica, two siblings, arrived in poor condition. They were malnourished, chilly, and in need of a lot of care. The days spent in intensive care after that were tough, but they supported one another. They were only the size of a palm, but they were incredibly tough and resilient.

The kittens were transferred to Pei Chiu, a different foster volunteer, to continue their care after five days, during which time they regained their strength and hunger. The entire time, Chandler and Monica blended together like two peas in a pod.


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