Kittens discovered crawling on a gravel road are receiving lots of hugs and getting the chance

Two little kittens were discovered abandoned on a hot gravel road a few months ago by a compassionate neighbour who couldn’t bear the thought of abandoning them in the path of oncoming vehicles.

Salem Friends of Felines (SFOF) received the infants for evaluation, and following staff observation, both kittens looked to have serious congenital defects, SFOF informed Love Meow.

They were taken in by the rescue’s skilled foster carer Laura Burmood, who offered round-the-clock care. “Until they were old enough to be weaned, they thrived in her house.”

The Jack and Jill kittens underwent physical therapy, massage therapy, and leg splinting, but none of these treatments were helpful.

It became clear that Jack and Jill needed specialised care, continued SFOF.


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