Kitten Waiting for the Right Person to Pick Him Up in the Middle of the Road

Vet tech Kiersten (@deuelhearts) was on her way to see a buddy when she had no idea that her plans would be derailed by an unforeseen rescue. On (that) Saturday, “this tiny man was waiting for me in the centre of the road.”

“I was travelling to assist a friend with cleaning their coop for chickens (last month). I noticed something in the road on the way there that appeared to be a squirrel that had been struck in my lane “Love Meow was told by Kiersten. My first instinct was to drive past it as I got closer since something didn’t look right.

She was shocked to see a tiny kitten sitting helplessly in the middle of her lane.

“I jumped out of my car and crossed the street toward him.”

The kitten attempted to belly crawl out of fear but failed because he had no idea where to go. Before sprinting back to her car, Kiersten sprinted over, grabbed him, and held him close.

“Until I lifted the cat up in my arms, I really had a few cars honking at me to get out of the road. When I placed him in the vehicle, he immediately curled himself on my lap and began purring “Kiersten gave Love Meow some.


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