Kitten arrived in a box that was left outside in the cold and meet with a orange cat

Concerned locals alerted Superhero Animal Rescue (in Rexburg, Idaho) last fall about a box of kittens that had been left on the adoption center’s porch.

“They were pleading for assistance despite the extreme cold. These nice individuals helped us get them inside and waited with them until we could arrive “posted by Superhero Animal Rescue

The kittens were in terrible condition and may have had underlying health problems. Despite their best attempts to save the entire litter, Tucker (grey) ended up being the only kitten to survive.

“In his litter, Tucker was the larger and noisier kitten. He was most likely the cat whose meow was audible to neighbours walking by “The rescue’s foster volunteer Cindy Congdon told Love Meow.

The small ball of fur had a strong voice and a strong resolve to live despite its diminutive size.


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