Kismet the Cat Overcame Kidney Disease and Brought Good Fortune to a Florida Brewery

Kismet was saved by Sara and Charles, the proprietors of the Lake Park, Florida-based Coastal Karma Brewing Company.

The business’s name is a combination of the words karma, which means “the concept that helping others will in turn enrich and improve your life,” according to its website.

The stray cat, who was around 7 years old, was ill at the time for a variety of reasons. Kismet, however, defied the odds after locating a permanent residence at the tavern.

The veterinarians predicted that Kismet’s condition would get worse after the diagnosis and that her time was limited.

The vet reportedly informed Sara that Kismet’s illness was in the “final stage” and that he required IV fluids three times per week, according to a brewery post on Facebook from May 2021.

Kismet visited the veterinarian again after five months, and to everyone’s amazement, his kidneys were in good shape.

The cat’s kidney condition improved, and then it started to get a little skin ailment. He had to wear a shirt to keep from licking his delicate skin.


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