How Billi, the Talking Cat, Tricks Mom into Doing Things

Four weeks after her mother placed the talking buttons on the floor, Billi, a 14-year-old domestic shorthair cat, began pressing the talking buttons that corresponded to words.

She first discovered what “Food” and “Pets” meant. But later, “Mad” became her favourite word. She is now referred to as Her Madjesty.

Billi does that, that is true. Putting away the anthropomorphizing, she is witty and appears to understand the meaning of the lines perfectly. Her mother Kendra Baker claims that she has mastered the skill of bartering with a cuddling honey trap!

Billi expects something in return for mommy’s cuddles, whether it’s food or pressing the “Catnip” button. What, she doesn’t prefer the Catnip button?

After learning about talking dogs named Stella and Bunny, Kendra Baker was motivated to try utilising the talking buttons, which are officially an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) gadget.

Another well-known talking cat on TikTok goes by the name of Steve B. At the age of 11, the cat started utilising the soundboard, according to his mother Kristiina Wilson, an expert in animal psychology. Like Billi, this black and white cat also has a favourite word, but his is “outside.”

Steve B is the Top Cat in a family with nine other cats. Wilson is now being ordered to carry out his instructions by him thanks to his knowledge of the AAC, which he utilised to accomplish what many cat lovers would find predictable.



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