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“The Gulf Of Alaska” ~ Place Where Two Oceans Meet But Do Not Mix | Fact News

“The Gulf Of Alaska” ~ Place Where Two Oceans Meet But Do Not Mix | Fact News:

In this World Some Mysteries are solved and reasonable for everybody but some mysteries cannot be explained which always remain a mystery or conversation topic for all people around the globe. So Today our Topic is Regarding to Mystery Phrase “The place where two oceans meet… but do not mix” which you always read or watch on social media or in videos. so here we videshitraveller are ready to give some explanation regarding to this topic.

Place Where Two Oceans Meet But Do Not Mix

This is Gulf of Alaska which is known as famous for where two oceans collide but never mix with each other but water color appears differently across both sides. The Gulf of Alaska which is situated in the Pacific Ocean which have some mystery of two oceans.

In This Beautiful World There are different seven Continent and very large five oceans, which are famous and have different diversity and geographical view. So There are 2 Famous Atlantic Ocean And Pacific Ocean, they both are famous in the Gulf of the Alaska because these two oceans meets but never mix-up. so there are some scientifically facts why they meet but don’t mix-up which are as follows;

Why Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean Doesn’t Mix: 

The Reason Behind this mystery phenomenon is due to difference of water density of 2 different oceans with temperature and saltiness of the glacial melt water and off shore waters gulf of Alaska. In the Pacific Ocean water comes from Glacier is light blue without salt but the water from Atlantic Ocean is very dark blue and bitter in taste.

Due to this difference of water density of different two oceans they can’t mix up with each other but due to hit of different oceans water, they produce foam which appears on upper side shows as border line and differentiate these 2 oceans with mysterious and in beautiful way.

Why are the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean Different Colors:

Some People in this world relate this mystery to their Religion and Culture but As Scientifically this is science base mystery. it happens due to different density of water and temperature.

So Hope you all guys like this mysterious theory about the Gulf Of Alaska and Give your reviews & comments about this mystery.

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