Female Vacationer Rescues Blind Kitten Lukas, Reunites 1,800 Miles Away in Sweden

While on vacation in Cyprus in April 2018, Daniella Järphag came upon the blind kitten she would eventually call Lukas. He was being fed by a woman. She noticed the kitten was in bad shape as she looked closer.

She didn’t plan on spending her vacation saving a blind kitty, but Lukas needed assistance immediately away. Without prompt treatment, he almost definitely would have passed away due to the severe infection in his eyes.

Daniella immediately took Lukas to the vet. Sadly, they discovered that his eyes needed to be removed since they were so seriously infected.

Before he could withstand such an operation, he would first need to get a little older. Daniella then transported him to her hotel and gave the blind kitten medication to treat the infection.

After that, Daniella travelled almost 1,800 kilometres to her home in Gothenburg, Sweden, working with a neighbourhood rescue to find the kitten a foster home.

She had intended to bring Lukas to Sweden later, though, after seeing interest in a potential home for him on Facebook.

As the months passed, Lukas strengthened in foster care in Cyprus. After the lengthy flight to Sweden, he was now eager to see Daniella again. She first assisted him in locating a residence.

But after discovering she was allergic to cats, the woman who had adopted Lukas brought him back to her.



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