Family Discovers Stray Black Cat “Jack” Dozing in Den and Says, “We Do Not Own a Cat”

Jula Bade, a professor and romance author from Texas, fell in love with a black cat that later went by the name of Jack and won the hearts of her family.

The cat suddenly appeared and settled down on the sofa in the den.

After 18 years of residing there, he adopted them one day. Jack appeared unfazed when they woke him from his nap and appeared to know that this was his home.

When introducing Jack, the TikTok declares, “We do not own a cat.” Even more unexpectedly, Bade’s three sizable dogs agreed to the plan.

The two black dogs appeared to be largely uninterested, but the curly-haired German Shepherd was head over heels.

Images and media via TikTok/juliabadewrites

Her followers sought Jack updates when she took over Bade’s TikTok account. Luckily for the cat, Bade made the decision to take him home.

They allowed him to go outside as he got used to being a house cat because he hadn’t yet learned how to use a litter box. The cunning cat would also pry open the window screens when he was stuck inside for too long.

When he eventually left, he remained close to the house and continued to meow at them.



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