Cats who had spent years roaming the outdoors meet and become inseparable

Two elderly cats named Lonesome Boy (LB) and Murray spent the majority of their lives outside in various locations throughout the city. They were discovered on two separate occasions by good citizens of South Bend, Indiana.

When LB was discovered one day wandering through a neighbourhood, he was extremely weak and terrified of humans. He suffered from arthritis, and his legs still bore the scars of his hard life as a stray. He was taken under the care of The Meow Mission, and gradually but definitely, he began to recover.

They soon discovered that his wild persona was only a mask; deep down, he was a beautiful soul yearning for love. LB loved playing with kittens and other cats, and being around them made him more outgoing.

LB changed his mind and chose to have faith. He had the loudest purr and grew accustomed to receiving attention from his human buddies.

“It took us a long time to win his trust. One of the most compassionate cats you’ll ever meet, “The Meow Mission’s president, Jodi Aker, told Love Meow.

Murray, the oldest of all, then arrived to the rescue. “Murray was a pet whose owners abandoned him after moving away. He spent the better part of a decade wandering the area, “Jodi revealed.

Murray remained optimistic despite the first dismal prognosis. Over the coming months, volunteers kept feeding him and fostering his growth. “He had a wonderful spirit and passion for affection at all times.”

Murray is LB’s protector and will defend him if another cat chooses to engage in physical conflict with his sibling from a different mother.

The two elderly people can now enjoy their retirement together, sleeping soundly with their best friend by their side every day, after spending years travelling the streets and providing for themselves.

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