Cat returns to the loving couple who are prepared to transform his life

An older cat was rummaging about in Steph and Francis’ backyard one night in Montreal, Canada, looking for food.

They affectionately gave the tabby cat the name Granpruno since he made them think of one of their kittens, Pruno. He came racing to them as they went outside to check on the cat.

“He was delighted to receive some attention and was asking for cuddles. As soon as the pair called his name, he approached them “Love Meow was given access by Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins MontrĂ©al.

The couple opted to put food and water outside while keeping a watch on the affectionate tabby since they suspected the cat might have a family. For food and petting, Granpruno returned for a short while, but he wasn’t seen for several weeks.

“Every day they searched the backyard for him. Then, one evening, when they were carrying out the trash, they saw Granpruno looking unwell and searching through it.”


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