Cat on the porch is convinced to enter the house by the kitten because it needs

A kind person found a tiny orange and white kitten and took it to Firehouse Animal Health Center in Leander, Texas. He had a wormy gut, fleas all over him, and ear mites.

Despite everything, the kitten, named Garfield, was an instant romantic. He cried out for attention all the time and only wanted to be petted. Megyn at Kitten Konnoisseur was contacted by the rescue because the kitten needed foster care.

He’s currently a part of the foster programme at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, Megyn told Love Meow. “Simply put, this man is a love bug. He likes to dine with other people. He only wants to snuggle.”

Garfield is constantly seeking attention. Until he receives what he wants, he will meow all around the home. He would extend his paw while curled up on a warm lap so he could hold hands with his people or another animal friend.

The orange tabby cat was on the porch a few days after Garfield arrived, and he was determined to make friends with him.


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