An adopted shelter cat, is infatuated with his new family right away

A family recounted their experience adopting an orange tabby cat they named Toby Felinederson after the Toby Flenderson character from The Office comedy series.

In the episode, Toby plays a Human Resources Representative who is often mild-mannered and soft-spoken.

They adopted Toby from the Cuddles Cat Lounge in American Fork, Utah, according to the Reddit post.

The orange tabby appears at home as soon as he enters his forever home. In the video, Toby Felinederson is seen kneading while being held on the father’s lap by JephriB, a user on Reddit.

As we’ve previously mentioned, cats may be expressing their love for their human by beginning to “make cookies” on them. The majority of cat behaviourists concur that kneading indicates your cat is completely satisfied.

He made the observation that it appeared this cat had previously been loved.



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