After being found at just three days old, a kitten’s life is saved by family cats and dogs

Fiona, a 3-day-old kitten who was abandoned and in dire need of assistance, was taken to Hamilton Humane (in Indiana). She was the size of a tiny newborn kitten and weighed only 82 grammes.

The rescue’s foster volunteer Kelsey Minier brought her in and began providing 24-hour care. She had an upper respiratory infection, but Kelsey told Love Meow that she was too tiny to be treated.

They gave the tiny tabby additional care, kept her warm, and fed her.

Fiona began to put on weight and get stronger, and she ultimately grasped the bottle by herself. After a few days of success, things abruptly started to go south.

“She stopped eating and started to lose energy. The following day, we took her to the animal hospital. They examined her and performed x-rays but came up empty-handed. Due to her size, we were given the smallest dose of antibiotics to take home “Love Meow was told by Kelsey.


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