After a woman lost her cat of 20 years, bonded kittens grant her Christmas wish

A litter of six kittens, including Peppy (Peppermint Patty) and Kringle, arrived at IndyHumane in search of a better life. They had been together for about four weeks and were very close.

“One of the most unusual-looking cats I’ve ever fostered is Peppy, without a doubt. She has gorgeous colouring, grey-blue eyes, a pink nose, and black lips that give the impression that her mouth is tiny “The foster mother, Jennifer, spoke with Love Meow.

“Although Kringle is a cheerful and active kitten, he is always the first to wind down. All the kittens get along well with him.”

The veterinarian at IndyHumane, Dr. Taylor Smith, was searching for a new cat for her cousin as the brother and sister were having a blast in their foster home.

Dr. Smith told Love Meow, “My cousin had been missing having a cat in her home after losing her 20-year-old cat in late October.


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