A man discovers a kitten under a car & rescue the kitten who jumps into his arms

Dan from Aspen Hill Exxon in Maryland was unexpectedly stopped about a month ago on his way to the bank (at the Layhill Shopping Center). “A small “mew” could be heard as I walked by a bush. I noticed a kitty when I peered beneath this Acura “Dan told Meow Love.

Dan, an animal enthusiast and happy owner of two cats, was unable to leave without seeing how the small kitten was doing. The grey tabby kitty was hiding under the car when she heard Dan’s voice.

The thing that shocked me the most was how quickly she came when I called to her and leaped into my arms.

Dan was thrilled to get the kind embrace from his new kitty friend. He searched the neighbourhood for other cats or signs that someone was missing a pet, but he was unable to locate anyone.

Dan made the decision to take the kitten to the neighbouring animal hospital to be checked for a microchip. Dan told Love Meow, “Nobody there knew anything (since the cat didn’t have a chip), but they offered me a cup of food to help out.”


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