While she continues to feed her six puppies, a malnourished mother dog begs for assistance

Hope, a canine mother who was abandoned soon before giving birth, is the subject of this tale. Unfortunately, the had given birth to 6 puppies while constantly being in pain.

Fortunately, when an animal rights activist heard about the dog and her puppies, she went to the scene and was completely amazed to witness the mother dog nursing all of the puppies at the same time!

The female malnourished dog, whose size was not even half that of her breed, was feeding all the dogs at once, and the rescuer stated it utterly broke her heart.

She immediately went to help the pups and their mother by picking them all up, but she was unaware that there were four other pups who were unable to survive, making the total number of pups born by the mother dog 10.

The rescuer added that the mother dog begged her to assist the puppies and did everything in her power to ensure their survival. The rescuer made the decision to assist all the canines, including their mother, in finding everlasting homes. Thankfully, all of the dogs found new homes with families and are now living happier lives.

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