A kitten who has had enough of the outdoors chooses to wait to be taken in on a driveway

A stray kitty was discovered sitting on a driveway, fully spent and looking as though she had travelled far for assistance. She was merely skin and bones, with harsh edges.

The kitten lingered on the driveway until her owners came to look at her. “She had a stuffy nose and was underweight. An infection with discharge has nearly totally closed one of her eyes “cherished from the same family as Love Meow.

“We made the decision to take her in and look after her till she recovered.”

The initial strategy, or so they believed, was to heal the kitten (called Sweetie) and find her a loving home.

Sweetie was really weak the first several days and lacked the energy to eat by herself or move around. She tucked herself into a ball and dozed off on her owner’s lap to make up for lost time.


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