A kitten born in a backyard corner decides he needs cuddles and a place

In the rear of a residence, an orange kitten was discovered inside an abandoned automobile. Before the weather was too harsh for the little kitten to handle, a lovely woman named Julie was taking care of him.

By taking initiative, Julie managed to save the tabby just in time. To give the young cat a shot at a better life, she brought him to Cheltenham Cat Rescue (in Melbourne, Australia).

To commemorate Julie’s husband Dave, they gave him the name Dave. He initially tried to hide the entire time since he was so terrified.

Dave hid in a corner as soon as he entered foster care. He hid himself and didn’t dare move out of fear. He was provided with a cosy nest by Cheltenham Cat Rescue foster volunteer Marlene, who also gave him lots of room and time to unwind.

The small cat was ultimately persuaded to emerge from concealment by the aroma of food.


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