A Hero receives a lucky cat that fell from a building right into his arms

Zgür Anl was recently seated with a friend at a cafe in Turkey while sipping tea when he noticed something.

He saw her cat in a precarious situation across the street in the apartment complex where Anl’s sister resides. Latte, the cat owned by his sister, was clinging on the edge of a window that was open fifty feet in the air.

Anl jumped into action with little hesitation.

Anl said to The Dodo, “I instantly went under the window.” The cat was about to tumble, in my opinion.

Anl was correct, as evidenced by CCTV footage:

The cat eventually lost her grip and fell toward the pavement below, but instead she landed in Anl’s arms.

She was saved there, and she also felt the warmth of his love.


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