A Cat with Cartoon-like Eyes Decides to Live Indoors & Develops Quite the Personality

In Norfolk, England, next to a factory, a black and white cat was discovered living in a feral cat colony. The beautiful cat was discovered by animal rescuers from Feline Care Cat, who also noted several peculiarities in her.

She let her tongue hang out because she didn’t have many teeth left. She was unable to close her eyelids and made various motions with her third eyelid, including blinking.

She would be more suited to an indoor lifestyle, so the rescue opted to take her in.

The cat, known as Mau Mau, spent the following year acclimating to the comfortable home life in the companionship of her people. Her personality expanded as her confidence developed.

Every time I see a picture of Mau Mau, I ponder whether she is partially a cartoon and partially a cat.

When it came time for adoption, the rescue intended to place Mau Mau and all of her eccentricities in the ideal household. Amelia, who has always owned cats and works in a veterinary clinic, swooned at the sight of the “cartoon” cat and requested to meet it.

“The next week, I went to meet her and instantly fell in love. She sat in her chamber and meowed at me before I entered, making her appear even more diminutive “Love Meow heard from Amelia.


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