A cat expresses gratitude to a woman for opening the door for her kittens

A frightened cat that showed up one day in a cat colony was told to Anne, a foster volunteer with Kat Zoekt Thuis (Cat Looking for Home), a Belgian animal charity.

Despite being quite frightened, the newcomer was not feral, and the feeder (caregiver) of the cat colony saw that she was hungry and obviously pregnant. The cat had been scouring the area in search of food and a secure location for her young.

“The feeder was able to pick her up, put her in a carrier, and bring her off at my apartment after a week of earning her trust,” Anne told Love Meow.

When the black and white cat, Iluna, first arrived at her foster home, she was extremely terrified. She experienced significant stress as a result of all the changes. She had all the time she needed to unwind, a quiet place to do so provided by Anne.

“Although she was used to people, she had never been inside before. She was likely abandoned when they realised she was pregnant because we presume she was once a barn cat “Anne said. She had scrapes all over her nose, was filthy, thin, and in poor condition.


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