After surviving an Iowa tornado in a destroyed shed, the cat was renamed Dorothy

When a cat in Iowa survived a tornado over the weekend, she had to utilise one of her nine lives.

The cat’s owner chose to rename her Dorothy after the character from “The Wizard of Oz” as a result of the cat’s remarkable survival.

By taking refuge under a shed that was destroyed by the tornado, Dorothy was able to survive the storm on Saturday.

Patty Arnold, Dorothy’s owner, is unsure of Dorothy’s means of survival. Due to mud and debris, the cat was only left with matted fur.

Arnold remarked, “The only thing [of the shed] left was the door lying on the ground and the floor. I’m not sure how she did it, but God was there with her, too.

The EF-2 tornado devastated Arnold’s property. Now, all that remains of the barns and farm machinery are heaps of debris. She claimed that the tornado carried her dumpster and horse trailer a quarter of a mile away.

According to officials, the devastating storms that tore through central Iowa claimed the lives of seven people.


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