8-Year-Old Peanut Stuck 80 Feet Up In Tree Is Saved By “Climbing Cat Whisperer”

The Animal Rescue League rescued Peanut, an 8-year-old cat from Sherborn, Massachusetts, who often lived as a barn cat.

She went up into a white pine tree on a Sunday morning, but something startled her. She was trapped 80 feet in the air for days while meowing in pain, according to WCVB5.

Later on that Sunday, the Sherborn Fire Department showed up to save Peanut with an 80-foot ladder truck.

But as the firefighters ascended the ladder and climbed higher into the pine tree, Peanut’s fear increased.

It appeared to be impossible to save the cat at that time. Fortunately, there was a skilled tree climber nearby who occasionally saves cats. The Tall Pines Tree School’s proprietor, Andrew Joslin, received a call from Kornblith.

He attempted to entice Peanut with a treat of sardines as she was out of reach. He then hoped to be able to take her back down using a cat carrier.

The barn cat refused to interact with her would-be rescuer once more.

He therefore deftly devised a secure location for the terrified cat and hoped she would seek refuge there. Unbelievably, she accomplished that within an hour.

She was finally able to be brought to the ground by the rescuers.


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