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ViDeshiTraveller (विदेशीट्रैवलर) ‘Global Traveling Is Not My Wish But A Ceaseless Goal To Build a Global Fraternity Between India and Multi-Nations’!
Hi, Greetings! I am Rohitash Repswal, a Photographer, Traveller, Speaker & Progressive Business Professional in the Digital World with Global Reach! I hail from the National Capital Territory of the Republic of India.
Global Traveling to me is No Less Than an Adventure that gives me a Recurring Opportunity to Learn about the Multi-National Ways of Life in the form of Human Values, Ethnic Cultures, Standard of Living, Modus Operandi of Business Operations, the Art of Living of the Nationals among others of the Countries I have visited. International Traveling Draws me Closer to the People of other Nation States and Broadens my Knowledge by way of Understanding them. Among various Professional Pursuits since my Childhood, Traveling is my Goal with the End-Objective to Learn, thusly, to Know regarding other Countries and the Countrymen, which Enriches my Knowledge about their Cultural Values, History, Demography, Geography, Business among others that continues to Broaden my Wish to Ceaselessly Learn About Mankind and the Countries.

My International Visits in the Past includes Dubai the  City in the United Arab Emirates, Kathmandu  City in Nepal, Bangkok – Phuket – Kharabi cities of Thailand respectively in the past. Now, I all set to Fly in connection with Participating in the International Conferences to be held in January 2018 in Berlin, the Capital of Germany, Budapest the Capital Hungary and Paris the Capital of France. Global Traveling is aimed at Creating A Global Fraternity Between India and Multi-Nations through Broadening the Connectivity Between India with the People in Other Countries that I have visited.